Naisus: Trusted computer support for businesses throughout the Puget Sound area – Let us help you today!

Naisus specializes in personalizing I.T. for small and midsized companies in the Puget Sound Area. We are local, just like you — and that lets us deliver hands-on service. When you call Naisus, you reach someone in the Puget Sound, not Timbuktu. You will have an ongoing relationship with an individual I.T. professional who's a full-time Naisus employee, not a contractor. While we are more affordable than enlarging your in-house I.T. team, we won't shoehorn you into one-size-fits-all solutions. And when your needs are urgent, we'll make sure your call reaches the right person — right up to our company owners.


Phone: (425) 243-4543


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